To business…

It seems like an age since the last post, for which I apologise. I’ve been getting down to business, quite literally.

Despite being busy, it has been really good. One of the best things about the job is meeting so many interesting people.

Yesterday I met self confessed techie Paul Williamson. He runs RD Research from Norwich, a data base firm which mostly developing medical reporting systems for health agencies. Don’t be put off – he’s been working on some fantastic new techonology due to take a web site/application for Norwich City Football Club on to a whole new level. The full story will be in next Wednesday’s EDP Business supplement and it’s worth a read – for technies and non techies. Paul, bless him, was kind enough to drive us down to Carrow Road for a chat at Yellows after I was late for our interview. He has a fabulous looking Nissan GT-R – a Playstation on wheels, he calls it.

From the modern to the traditional. As friendly as Paul was the owner of Duff Morgan, the gentile and warm David Barratt, a businessman of the old school mould – and I’m so pleased they still exist. Business by personal guarantee and thought to the smallest detail. We did a story on his Norwich Citroen dealership taking on a dealership in King’s Lynn. He had a member of staff personally deliver a history of his Norwich family run firm to the Prospect House HQ of the EDP. It’s a wonderful booklet to look at if you are ever in their dealerhip in Whiffler Road and soon King’s Lynn. Being a modern(ish) lass I suggested to Mr Barratt that the history ought to go on their website – soemthing he responded they had not thought of. The idea sparked the offer of having my car cleaned inside and out at the dealership.

Who will I meet today?

I may well let you know!


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