So, biscuits…

March 18, 2010

Where do I start with biscuits?

Everyone comes at biscuits from a different angle – do you dunk them? What is the best biscuit? Where does the name come from? When was the first biscuit made?┬áIs a Jaffa Cake a biscuit – or for that matter the fig roll or pink wafers?

Whatever the angle it remains that everyone likes biscuits of some shape or form and I think this would be my starting point. Biscuits – the great social leveller.

7.1m packets of McVities chocolate digestives are sold every year in the UK – that’s 20,000 per day.

Now I’ve started I want to assure you this will be no ordinary rant about biscuits. I don’t want to trace the origins of the biscuit back to Roman times or research its name. My interest is in the commercially produced biscuit. The custard creams and bourbons of this world and how and why they were developed and subsumed into mass culture.